Megger (INGVAR) Primary Current Injection Test System

Megger (INGVAR) Primary Current Injection Test System

SKU: BH-72490

Introducing an advanced testing solution for protective relay equipment and circuit breakers, this high-powered system is also capable of assessing the turns ratio of current transformers and performing other high variable current applications. Comprised of a control unit and a current unit, this portable system can be effortlessly set up and connected, making it ideal for field testing.

The control unit boasts a range of sophisticated features, including an advanced measurement section that displays not only the turns ratio but also time, voltage, and current. An additional measurement channel is available for testing supplementary current or voltage. The system calculates and displays essential parameters such as current transformer turns ratio, impedance, power, power factor (cos ?), and phase angle. For added convenience, current and voltage readings can be displayed as percentages of their nominal values. The swift-acting hold function ensures that short-duration readings are captured on the digital display when the voltage or contact signal reaches the stop input, when the test object interrupts the current, or when the injection is halted.

Key features and benefits:

  • Streamlines the commissioning of switchgear, CTs, ground grids, and circuit breakers, making it the most advanced primary current injection test system available
  • Grants the flexibility to pre-set the current using low current with the unique I/30 function, preventing test sample heating and ensuring accurate test results
  • Offers a maximum output current of up to 5000 A, accommodating a wide range of testing requirements
  • Enhances portability with its two-unit design, each weighing approximately 20 kg, simplifying transportation to and from test sites
  • Provides a user-friendly interface and an intuitive setup process, minimising the time required for testing preparation

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