Lockout Tagout Equipment

Lockout Tagout Systems

Electrical lockout tagout systems diminish the risk of workplace injury in LV & HV environments. Lockout-Tagout procedures are used to prevent accidental activation of energized equipment during maintenance activities. These procedures involve using lockout tags and tagout devices to provide visual warning and physical restriction of access to these areas. There are many hazards that come along with working on industrial machinery such as locked valves, circuit breakers, and other electrical components. To put an effective system in place in your facility, you need the right lockout tagout safety equipment, and Powerpoint Engineering is here to help you find it.

Range of Products

We carry everything that you need for electrical safety and offer shipping to locations throughout Ireland and the rest of the world, so you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping. In our inventory of electrical lockout tagout products, you'll find a wide range of non-conductive safety locks and electrical Lockout devices.

Types of Lockout Devices

A Safety Lock is any device that prevents the operation of a control by physically locking the device in the OFF position, preventing it from being used. They can be used for interlocks for machines and are often used for electrical equipment. - A Lockout Device is any device with a warning sign and physical means of restricting access to a control. - A Lockout Bar is a handheld device that, when pushed into a control, will physically lock the control off. - A Tagout Device is a method of controlling energy during maintenance activities by attaching a visible tag and lock to the control. The tag is removed when the work is completed, signifying that the control should be turned back on.

Customised To Suit Your Needs.

With options in a wide range of sizes and keying configurations, we have safety locks to suit every need. To protect multiple workers, you can purchase safety hasps to use with our padlocks. Our range also includes lockout products for securing circuit breakers, electrical panels and electrical plugs. Lockout Stations We also stock many different types of lockout stations, where you can store all of the lockout and tagout equipment that your facility requires. These stations can be purchased empty or filled with electrical safety products. Lockboxes and padlock racks are also available for organising safety padlocks. Personal lockout kits are offered to supply individual employees with the LOTO devices they need to perform their tasks safely. You can explore our selection of electrical lockout and tagout products below. To learn more about a product, simply click the image. For pricing information or answers to your questions about electrical lockout products, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 057 866 2162. To view our full range of Lockout Tagout equipment visit our dedicated website at LockoutSafety.com