Rescue Rods

Browse through our range of Rescue Rods (also known as Rescue Poles). Rescue Rods are commonly used to remove a casualty from an area of danger in rescue operations.

Rescue Rods or poles are intended to remove a person who has been electrocuted from the source of the electricity. The rescue pole is protection for the person rescuing by insulating them from any electrical shock. Rescue poles and rods are not designed for use in wet weather or environments.

The poles are available in different lengths and are suitable up to specific weights. There is also a wall bracket for easy storage.

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  • Sofamel BS-90 Rescue Rod 2.75m 90kV
    SKU: BS-90
    The Sofamel BS-90 is a single section Rescue Rod constructed from polyester and fibreglass tubing. This rod has been designed primarily for use in rescue operations to aid in removing a casualty from a danger area. The Sofamel BS-90 Rescue Pole measure 2,75 meters in length and is rated for 90kV.

  • Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole 2.25m 66kV
    SKU: BS-66
    The Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole includes only one section. Made from polyester and a fibreglass tube with 32 mm diameter. This poles primary use is to remove a casualty from a danger area during rescue opera-tions. The pole boasts a complete length of 2,25 meters and a working voltage of 66kV.

  • Wall Mounting Brackets
    SKU: BS-45 Brackets
    Wall mounting brackets suitable for both the BS-45 Rescue Rod and the BS-66 Rescue Rod.

  • Sofamel BS-45 Rescue Pole 1.75m 45kV
    SKU: BS-45
    The Sofamel BS-45 Rescue Pole includes only one section, it is constructed from a polyester and fibreglass tube with a 32 mm diameter. This pole is used in rescue operations to remove a casualty from a danger ar-ea. The pole measures a complete length of 1.75 meters and a working voltage of 45kV.

  • Safety Rescue Hook 251035
    SKU: 251035
    Rescue Hook designed to remove persons from a danger area. This rescue hook is constructed from compo-site materials ensuring that the rod is strong, durable and also completely non-conductive. Ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor situations (but only in dry conditions).