Life Saving Kits

We supply rescue kits which have been explicitly designed for Medium Voltage (M.V.) substations and typically include products such as voltage detectors, insulating sticks, rescue hooks, insulating gloves & boots and safety posters. View our full range of Life Saving Kits at

Customised Life Saving Kits

We can also design and supply customised LV and / or MV wall mounted or Cabinet style Electrical Lifesaving/Rescue Kits. The Lifesaving Kit comes in standard designs, which can be tailored at time of order to a client’s specific requirements and include your company logo if necessary.

Standard components include:

  • Insulated rescue pole / Shepherd’s hook;
  • LV or MV voltage detector with insulated operating rod
  • Case for insulating gloves
  • 1 pair LV or MV insulating gloves
  • Insulated wire cutter
  • Insulated platform or matting
  • CPR & Electric Shock Victims Notice

All components are supplied to relevant IEC Standards. All boards include ‘shadow board effect’ indicating the location of each safety device. These bespoke Lockout Stations can be wall / floor mounted or portable. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements or for further advice.

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