Cable Cutting Tools

Cable cutting tools are essential equipment used in electrical and telecommunications installations to cut wires, cables, and other conductive materials. There are a variety of cable cutting tools available including manual handheld tools, mechanical cutters, and hydraulic cutters. The choice of the right cable cutting tool depends on the type and size of the cable being cut. Manual handheld tools are suitable for cutting smaller cables and wires, while mechanical and hydraulic cutters are ideal for cutting larger cables and tougher materials. It is essential to use the appropriate cable cutting tool to ensure that the cut is clean and precise, and to prevent any damage to the cable or surrounding materials. Proper usage of cable cutting tools also ensures the safety of the operator and anyone else working in the area.


We supply the full range of battery-operated hydraulic cable cutting tool from the new Klauke ultra+ Safety Plus range. Browse through our range of cable cutters and associated accessories.

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