Seaward Apollo Series

The Seaward Apollo Series PAT Testers represent a comprehensive and innovative solution for ensuring electrical safety in various environments. These portable appliance testers are designed to meet the needs of modern electrical testing and safety regulations. With models like the Seaward Apollo 400, 500+, and 600, this series offers a range of features including advanced testing capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and compatibility with various testing standards. The Apollo Series PAT Testers enable efficient testing of a wide variety of electrical appliances, from simple tools to more complex machinery, allowing users to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with safety regulations. These testers are suitable for both experienced professionals and those new to electrical testing, offering a reliable and efficient solution to maintain a safe working environment.

Seaward Apollo Series PAT Testers are favored for high quality, reliability and ease of use. Compatible with Seaward PATGuard 3 software and a broad range of accessories like wireless printer, tag scanner, carry case, test leads and more. See our full range of Seaward PAT Testers on our dedicated website,

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