Valve Lockout

We offer a comprehensive selection of valve lockout solutions including  various options to cater to different valve types and locking requirements. The Masterlock rotating gate valve lockout provides a secure enclosure for gate valves, while the adjustable cable lockout offers versatility in locking out different valve sizes. For ball valves, we have the handle-on ball valve lockout, which ensures effective immobilization of the valve handle. In addition, we provide pneumatic lockouts and pressurized gas valve lockouts to safely control the flow of air and gas in pneumatic systems. Whatever your valve lockout needs may be, we have the right solution to ensure the safety and security of your operations.

Choose from Masterlock rotating gate valve lockout, adjustable cable lockout, handle-on ball valve lockout, pneumatic lockout and pressurized gas valve lockout. To view our full range of Valve Lockout and Cable Lockout Devices visit our dedicated website at

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