Earthing Products

Our comprehensive selection of earthing products guarantees the implementation of lightning and surge protection systems in compliance with both national and international standards. From spark gaps and earthing rods to hygroscopic soil replacements and graphite electrodes, our range offers essential solutions for industries facing elevated risks of lightning strikes and surges. Available in various sizes and configurations, these products cater to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal protection for buildings and equipment.

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  • Spark Gaps
    SKU: AT-050K
    AT-050K spark gap with brass clamps provides a reliable solution for joining earth connections, preventing current flow between them during voltage surges and discharge events, while minimizing corrosion concerns.

  • APLIFILL Graphite Powder
    SKU: AT-032L
    Aplifill is a highly hygroscopic compound that effectively reduces resistance and impedance measurements by retaining moisture around the conductor, providing a low-cost and corrosion-free solution for soil replacement.

  • APLIROD® dynamic electrode
    SKU: AT-012H
    The APLIROD® dynamic electrode is designed to address the issue of a lack of free ions in the ground, which can impact the effectiveness of earthing systems. This system includes a ø54 mm copper electrode (APLIROD®) with an L-shaped configuration (1 + 2 m), along with a clamp (AT-020F) and two bags of 25kg APLIFILL®. The electrode is filled with a mixture of ionic compounds that gradually releases free ions into the soil, improving its conductivity. Additionally, a moisture condenser helps absorb and distribute environmental moisture, further enhancing the ion contribution and reducing soil resistivity.

  • Graphite electrode
    SKU: AT-070H
    The ø150 x 600 mm graphite electrode is an ideal choice for an earth electrode due to the high electrical and thermal conductivity of graphite. It is resistant to chemical agents and exhibits excellent durability. The AT-070H reference electrode features a rigid graphite core with a layer of graphite powder and salts, providing enhanced conductivity and protection during transportation and installation. To optimise its effectiveness, the electrode should be filled with a specific clay-like powder and graphite powder designed for earthing systems.

  • 254µm copperbond earth rods
    SKU: AT-016H
    The ø5/8" x 2400 mm copper coated steel earth rod is a high-quality copperbond earth rod designed for long-lasting earthing applications. It is electrolytically coated with a 254 µm thick layer of pure copper, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion. The copper coating is durable and prevents cracks or fissures that can occur with mechanical coatings. With two 5/8" threads, the earth rod can be extended using suitable accessories to achieve better earth resistances. These copperbond earth rods comply with rigorous regulations and provide reliable grounding solutions.

  • Copperbond earth rods couplings
    SKU: AT-002K
    The copperbond earth rod couplings are designed to connect and extend copper alloy earth rods. The 5/8" (ø16 mm) threaded coupling ensures a secure and reliable connection between the rods, maintaining the integrity of the grounding system. These couplings are specifically designed for copperbond earth rods, providing efficient and effective grounding solutions.

  • Solid copper earth rods
    SKU: AT-031H
    The ø15 x 1200 mm solid copper earth rod with M10 internal thread is designed for long-lasting earthing in areas with high corrosion levels. The threaded electrode allows for the length to be increased with the use of appropriate accessories, resulting in improved earth resistance. This solid copper rod provides reliable and effective grounding in challenging environments.

  • Stainless steel earth rods
    SKU: AT-000H
    The ø10 x 1500 mm stainless steel earth rod is an unthreaded rod designed for long-lasting earthing in areas with high corrosion levels. It offers durable and reliable grounding, ensuring effective electrical conductivity in challenging environments.

  • Copper and stainless steel earth rods couplings
    SKU: AT-006K
    The copper and stainless steel earth rod couplings include a stainless steel driving stud specifically designed for ø15-16 mm earth rods. These couplings provide a secure and reliable connection between the earth rods, ensuring effective grounding and electrical conductivity.

  • Galvanised steel earth rods
    SKU: AT-003H
    The galvanised steel earth rods are ø20 x 1500 mm in size and designed with an extensible type S configuration. These rods provide a reliable grounding solution for various applications, offering durability and corrosion resistance due to their galvanised coating.

  • Goose foot
    The goose-foot-shaped earth termination, made with 30 x 2 mm tinned copper tape, follows recommended lightning protection standards to achieve a low inductance earthing system. It includes a total of 4 meters of tape with 3 extensions, each measuring 7 meters in length.

  • 500 x 500 x 2mm earth plate
    SKU: AT-050J
    A 500 x 500 x 2 mm copper earth plate, including a connector (AT-020F), is an effective solution for earthing in stony grounds. By increasing the contact area between the electrode and the ground, earth plates significantly reduce earthing resistance.

  • Copper lattices and grids
    SKU: AT-070J
    A 3000 x 1000 x 2 mm copper earthing lattice with a 115 x 55 mm grid is a recommended option for mesh earthing systems. These systems are cost-effective and suitable for stony ground, effectively reducing step or contact voltages. The lattice should be installed horizontally and is particularly recommended for public buildings with low resistivity soil to minimise step voltages.

  • Conductiver Plus
    SKU: AT-010L
    CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a non-corrosive and ecological gel that improves soil conductivity. It creates partially ionized electrolytes with high charge and water retention capacity, forming gels. The gel remains in the ground for an extended period by forming bonds with the particles. It increases ground conductivity for one year, even with significant rainfall. Importantly, CONDUCTIVER PLUS does not cause corrosion of the earth electrode and is environmentally friendly.

  • APLICEM - Conductive cement
    SKU: AT-034L
    APLICEM is a conductive concrete available in 11.7 kg bags. It enhances the conductive surface of earth electrodes, resulting in reduced earthing resistance. The resistance remains stable regardless of soil moisture, leading to cost savings as fewer boreholes are required to achieve the desired resistance. Furthermore, APLICEM is an inert material that prevents corrosion from forming on the electrode.

  • Earth pits
    SKU: AT-010H
    The polypropylene earth pit measures 250 x 250 x 250 mm and is capable of withstanding 5,000 kg loads. It is designed for easy handling and storage, offering good resistance to chemical substances and UV rays. The pit can be securely attached using two individual screws.

  • Bonding bars for earth pits
    SKU: AT-006J
    The copper bonding bar for earth pits, measuring 300 x 64 x 53 mm and equipped with 5 M10 screws, facilitates the connection of up to 5 conductors using compression terminals, and it can be easily attached to the AT-010K earth pit.

  • Earth bars
    SKU: AT-020J
    The copper earth bar features 8 ways with M10 screws and includes a disconnecting link, allowing for easy and secure connection of multiple cables or conductors.