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Fluke is another world leader in electrical testing and measurement equipment manufacturing. Powerpoint Engineering is the official distributor of Fluke test instruments in Ireland.

Fluke corporation is a business with many subsidiary departments working in biomedical, calibration and instrument processing. Their primary field always has been and continues to be the production of professional electrical testing tools.

Their product range includes software, measuring and monitoring equipment, ideal for almost all testing and error pinpointing necessities.

Powerpoint Engineering chooses Fluke tools due to their reliability, portability and accuracy. They are sturdy tools designed for consistent and heavy use, ensuring they are as reliable as all our other suppliers.

We’re proud to be the leading suppliers of Electrical Test Instruments,  Energy Monitoring Equipment, Electrical Safety Equipment & Power Cable Accessories in Ireland.

Here is a snapshot of our range of FLUKE Products:

  • FLUKE Thermal Imaging Cameras– Professionally crafted to scan and visualise temperature distribution throughout the surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment.
  • FLUKE Power Quality Meters– The three-phase power logger is used to record power quality logging, electrical load studies and energy consumption testing. A handy all-purpose tool for businesses.
  • FLUKE PAT Testers – Another perfectly crafted PAT testing kit. These lightweight, portable, pre-programmed kits are perfect for those on the go.

To complement our PAT kits Powerpoint engineering also offer PAT training courses ensuring you know how to correctly use your PAT systems to their full capabilities.

Ask in-store or online about our training courses and the PAT kits that we stock.

For all your electrical testing and measurement needs choosing FLUKE is the right option.

We choose FLUKE for its reliability, experience and durability. If you do not see a product that suits your needs, please have a look at our other distributors and product range.

FLUKE products

For more Fluke Products please visit our dedicated Fluke website