Cable Fault Location

Cable faults refer to damages in electrical cables that can lead to voltage breakdowns if left unaddressed. To tackle these issues, specialised stand-alone mobile and battery-powered locating systems have been designed. These systems are capable of providing a surge of power for up to 1.5 hours, ensuring continuous operation in fault identification. With their advanced capabilities, these systems can detect various types of faults, including those with high and low resistance. This accessibility is crucial in ensuring prompt and accurate fault identification, minimising downtime and preventing potential hazards. With the assistance of these advanced locating systems, users can swiftly pinpoint cable faults, facilitating timely repairs and preventing further complications.

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  • Megger Surgeflex 15 and 25 - Cable Fault Locating system
    SKU: Surgeflex 15 and 25
    The Surgeflex is a mobile and battery-powered fault locating system suitable for stand-alone operation, offering high surge energy for up to 1.5 hours. The Surgeflex system, with its 15 kV or 25 kV output voltage, is highly suitable for fault locating in both low and medium voltage distribution networks. It features prelocation capabilities for both high and low resistance faults, along with user-friendly modes for easy fault location and comprehensive parameters for challenging conditions. Its weatherproof design and convenient cable accessibility make it ideal for field operation.

  • Seba KMT HVB10 - High-voltage bridge
    SKU: HVB10
    The Seba KMT HVB10 is a highly precise high-voltage bridge used for locating cable and sheath faults, performing sheath testing, and pinpointing sheath faults, especially for long HV cables. It offers two fault location methods, including a high accuracy mode that utilizes the full potential of the instrument for pre-locating tough, high-resistive faults.

  • Megger SMART THUMP ST16 - Portable Cable Fault Location System
    The SMART THUMP ST16 Portable Cable Fault Locating System offers safe and efficient solutions for identifying and locating various types of cable faults in power cables. It is designed to meet the needs of low- and medium-voltage distribution cable fault location markets, with circuit parameters including system voltage up to 35 kV, insulation types, and typical conductor sizes and lengths.

  • Seba KMT Surgeflex 32 - Portable Cable Test and Fault Location System
    SKU: Surgeflex 32
    The Seba KMT Surgeflex 32 is a portable fault location system for medium and low voltage power cables, offering safe and efficient fault location using the latest TDR technology. With multiple fault location methods and powerful features like ARM and TDR Teleflex, it provides comprehensive fault detection capabilities. Convenient cable connections are available at the rear of the unit for easy access.

  • Seba KMT MFM 10 - Sheath Fault Location System
    SKU: MFM 10
    The Seba KMT MFM 10 is a precise and efficient sheath fault location system that utilizes a bi-polar measuring voltage method. With its automatic measurement and evaluation capabilities, it allows for cable sheath testing, pre-location, and pinpointing of faults. The system features a powerful 10 kV DC source, high current output, and advanced functionality for accurate fault detection and burning, making it a reliable tool for fault location in cables.

  • Seba KMT EZ-Thump - Compact Fault Location Device
    SKU: EZ-Thump
    The Seba KMT EZ-Thump is a compact and efficient fault location system for LV and MV cables, providing immediate on-site fault location capabilities without the need for extensive training or adjustments. With its automatic operation, lightweight design, and comprehensive display, it enables users to quickly and easily locate faults using various methods such as acoustic pinpointing, DC breakdown detection, insulation measurement, and sheath fault location. This cost-effective solution is ideal for remote areas where speed and ease of use are essential.

  • SebaKMT GEOLUX GL 660-1 - Earth Fault Locator
    SKU: GEOLUX GL 660-1
    The SebaKMT GEOLUX GL 660-1 is specifically designed for locating earth faults in IT networks, offering capabilities to detect faults up to 150 kOhm. By utilizing the Geolux System, it provides a fast and non-disruptive method for fault localisation without affecting power supply or data/control circuits. The system includes features such as mains filter, pulsed output current, and interference signal suppression for efficient fault detection.

  • SebaKMT ESG NT - Digital Earth Fault Locator
    The SebaKMT ESG NT is a digital earth fault locator that utilizes the step voltage method to precisely locate faults in cable sheaths. It detects and eliminates various underground distortions, automatically adapts to input voltage levels, and features a high-contrast color display for clear visibility. With high sensitivity, automatic signal filtration, and convenient zero calibration, it offers efficient and accurate fault location capabilities.

  • SebaKMT digiPHONE+
    SKU: digiPHONE+
    The digiPHONE+ is a surge wave receiver designed for efficient cable fault pinpointing using acoustic and electromagnetic technologies. It ensures flawless acoustic performance by suppressing noise and only passing fault noise. The device automatically switches off the sound when approached and activates the headset after a short delay to ensure stability. It provides left-right indication and a compass for fault direction, and the distance to the fault can be displayed in meters or feet. With features such as perfect acoustic quality, automatic mute function, a bright display, and easy handling, the digiPHONE+ offers a superior fault pinpointing experience.

  • Megger TDR2000/3 Advanced dual channel TDR
    SKU: TDR2000/3
    The TDR2000/3 is a highly portable and compact dual channel time domain reflectometer with a large color screen. It offers comprehensive dual channel capability, an AUTO set up mode for instant use, and an ultra-fast pulse for efficient near end fault identification. With Xpert guidance, IP54 rating, and compatibility with all metallic paired cables, it is a versatile tool for locating faults in various applications. The TDR2000/3 provides high resolution, a maximum range of 20km, and offers multiple output impedances and an auto impedance matching feature to meet different cable test requirements.

  • IUP Fault Wizard 10KV Thumper
    The IUP Fault Wizard 10KV Thumper is a lightweight and portable cable fault locator that operates on battery power. It offers variable impulse voltage for low-voltage pulsing and minimal cable damage. With features such as cycle mode for pinpointing faults, in-built TDR, and distance display, it provides efficient fault location capabilities. Additionally, the IUP Fault Wizard 10KV Thumper is highly compact and includes the Fault Wizard Software for optional waveform viewing on a computer, making it a versatile and user-friendly solution for cable fault detection.

  • Megger MPP2000 Pinpoint Fault Locator
    SKU: MPP1001
    The Megger MPP2000 Pinpoint Fault Locator is a versatile tool that utilises acoustic, electromagnetic and time of flight methods to accurately locate faults in cable networks. With multiple configurations available, including receiver only and single or dual probe/detector options, it offers flexibility and expandability. It provides distance and direction to the fault and offers easy probe connection with a detachable cable system. The system also includes a ballistic surge pulse scale for flashover magnitude and surge period analysis, as well as selectable filters and acoustic frequency bands for background interference elimination.

  • Megger PFL22M-1500 Fault Location System
    SKU: PFL20-1500
    The Megger PFL22M-1500 Fault Location System is an advanced tool used for accurate cable fault location. It incorporates various features such as a dc tester/burner, surge generator, radar coupling, and Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). With improved functionality, the PFL22M-1500 features an inductive arc reflection filter that delivers more energy to the fault, enhancing fault locating capabilities. Additionally, the system offers flexibility with an on-board inverter providing multiple power options. With its comprehensive range of fault locating techniques, including Arc Reflection Method, Pulse Echo (TDR), Impulse Current, High Voltage Surge, and Proof and Burn, the Megger PFL22M-1500 is a powerful solution for cable fault location.