Surge Arrestors

A surge arrester, also known as a surge protector or lightning arrester, is a device designed to protect electrical systems and equipment from voltage surges and transients. It works by diverting excessive electrical energy caused by lightning strikes, power surges, or switching operations away from sensitive equipment, preventing potential damage or disruption.

View our range of Surge Arrestor or Transient Voltage Clampers from leading brands Bowthorpe Tyco. We are the leading supplier of Electrical Test Equipment and Power Cable Accessories in Ireland.

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  • Bowthorpe TE Connectivity TVC1 Surge Arrester
    SKU: TVC1
    The Bowthorpe TE Connectivity TVC1 Surge Arrester is a reliable and effective solution for protecting pole-mounted transformers (PMT) from internal failures caused by back flashover. This surge arrester acts as a transient voltage clamper, specifically designed to prevent damage resulting from voltage surges and transients in the electrical system. The TVC1 Surge Arrester provides essential protection by clamping and diverting high voltage surges away from the transformer tank and the LV Neutral winding bushing. By effectively controlling transient voltages, it helps to mitigate the risk of internal faults and breakdowns within the transformer, ensuring its safe and reliable operation.