Simabus is an Extra high voltage range of clamps and connectors for AC & DC applications (up to 500kV phase-to-phase voltage) that supplied by Powerpoint Engineering. These products are designed to support and connect aluminium bus conductors to Copper or Aluminium Equipment Terminals.

The SIMABUS system provides a comprehensive range of high-quality accessories and components for efficient power distribution and monitoring solutions. With products designed to ensure reliable performance and user-friendly installation, SIMABUS offers various options to customise power distribution setups according to specific needs. These accessories, cover an array of requirements for electrical installations. From expansion bus support couplers to fixed bus supports, straight pipe connectors, and specialised clamps, SIMABUS accessories ensure streamlined power distribution while maintaining safety and efficiency. By offering a wide variety of components, the SIMABUS system empowers professionals to create flexible and effective electrical distribution systems, enhancing overall operational effectiveness and reliability.

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