FLIR Distributor



We are an official distributor for FLIR in Ireland. FLIR Systems Inc is a leading manufacturer of innovative imaging systems that include infrared cameras, thermal imagers and aerial broadcast cameras and machine vision systems.

An innovative and new approach to fault detection and power surge information FLIR is leading the way in modern probing and testing technology.

Describing themselves as a 6th sense company, FLIR is one of the best assets to the electrical testing and measurement industry. With defence contractors and other high-quality bidders, the technology from FLIR only continues to entice new users.

We have focused our product range on their infrared camera systems as we believe it is leading the way in this area.

Our FLIR product range includes:

  • FLIR E60bx Infrared Camera is an ideal thermal imaging camera for building inspections. You can examine HVAC heating and cooling issues, airflow, moisture detection and insulation problems.
  • FLIR C3-X compact thermal camera- This compact design is the newest camera from FLIR. Its small lightweight design makes it a perfect tool for those operating in smaller spaces.
  • FLIR E8-XT infrared camera with MSX – A lightweight and versatile design, this camera is perfect for diagnosing electrical failures, mechanical faults and other building problems.

We stock a wide range of thermal imagery cameras from FLIR. Get in touch with our sales and supply team and we can provide better insights into the use and application of FLIR products.

We’re proud to be the leading suppliers of Electrical Test Instruments, Energy Monitoring Equipment, Electrical Safety Equipment & Power Cable Accessories in Ireland.

We choose FLIR for its reliability and innovative approach to testing and measuring. If you do not see a product that suits your needs, please examine our other distributors and product range.


See the full range of Flir building and industrial cameras on our dedicated Thermal Imagers website.