Electrical Test Instruments

Electrical Test Instruments

Electrical test instruments are tools used to measure various electrical characteristics of a device or system. These tools allow electricians, technicians and engineers to troubleshoot issues, find problems and test different components to ensure they’re operating as they should. They also measure voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and other electrical characteristics to meet industry standards. There are many types of electrical test instruments available on the market today, each with its own distinct uses. Digital multimeters (DMMs) measure voltage, resistance, current, and continuity; while insulation testers measure the leakage current of high-voltage cables or transformer windings. Environmental meters monitor humidity, temperature, and pressure; while installation testers help test cables in new buildings before they are filled with equipment. We are the official distributor for Megger in Ireland. We stock a comprehensive range of Megger digital test & measurement instruments. We supply current clamps, digital multimeters, installation testers and insulation testers.

Digital Multimeters (DMMs)

A digital multimeter (DMM) is a handheld device used to measure voltage, current, and resistance in electrical circuits. It is the most common electrical test instrument used by electricians and technicians, and it’s available in a wide range of styles, models and price points. A DMM is a must-have tool for any electrician or technician. It can be used to troubleshoot any electrical issue or malfunction, and it can also be used to test the performance of new equipment.

Insulation Testers

Insulation testers are used to check the condition of high-voltage cables. They can be used to test the insulation on live wires, in switch boxes and on energized equipment. While the tools are similar, there are important safety differences between insulation testers and voltage testers.

Environmental Meters

Environmental meters measure the humidity, temperature, and air pressure in a room. These tools are excellent for monitoring indoor conditions and ensuring the safety of workers.

Test Cables

Test cables are used to test voltage and current. They are not used for continuous operation but are more of a diagnostic tool. Test cables are commonly used to test electrical circuits before inserting new equipment. They can also be used to troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment, and this is often done during installation.

Installation Testers

Installation testers are used to check the operation of electrical circuits before they have been installed. These testers are able to simulate the current flow in the circuit, including the voltage drop in the circuit. This is necessary because a circuit’s voltage drop is different when it’s plugged in.

Inspection Cameras

Inspection Cameras are used to inspect pipes, wires and other hard to reach places. They are especially helpful when inspecting old buildings or areas that are difficult to get to.