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Powerpoint Engineering is the official distributor of Megger products throughout Ireland. With its HQ located in Dover, UK, Megger has been a pioneer in the electrical equipment industry for over 130 years.

They produce a variety of testing and measuring tools for industries across the globe.

A global company that has continued expansion over the past number of decades, we are proud to supply their products to Irish industries.

Below is a glimpse of the product range that has been developed by Megger:

Continually pushing the boundaries of testing and measuring capabilities, Megger ensures safety and quality in all their products. For this reason, we supply their equipment here at Powerpoint engineering.

We’re proud to be the leading suppliers of Electrical Test Instruments, Energy Monitoring Equipment, Electrical Safety Equipment & Power Cable Accessories in Ireland.

Our current range of equipment from Megger include:

  • Megger Cable Fault Location– A perfectly crafted fault locator tool. This piece of equipment should be part of every professional’s kit.
  • Megger Cable Identification– A perfect tool for single and multicore cables. Locate underground utilities easily.
  • Megger Cable Testing & Diagnostics– A perfect tool for single and multicore cables. Locate underground utilities easily.
  • Megger Cable Testing & Diagnostics- Use these to evaluate cable status and begin a proactive approach to maintenance.
  • Megger Time Domain Reflectometers– These will give you clear guidance to coaxial and twisted pair cable lengths, providing pinpoint accuracy for line faults.
  • Megger Portable Appliance Testers– Our range of Megger PAT testers are suitable for varying budgets and performance.
  • Megger Insulation Testers– Insulation testers are used for the testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment.

We choose to supply Megger products to the wider market as we trust their craftsmanship and experience. Browse our selection of products or come in store to examine with your own eyes and hands the capabilities and usefulness of Megger.

We choose Megger for its reliability, experience and durability. If you do not see a product that suits your needs, please have a look at our other distributors and product range.


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