Site Storage, Work Stations & Ladders

Storage, Security and Work-Stations

We offer a wide range of solutions for the storage, security and workstation requirements of your company. The sturdy, rigorous specifications of these units ensure quality and functionality, while the heavy-duty steel plate construction and unique anti-jemmy technology mean that these boxes are virtually impregnable. Robust construction ensures durability while workstations such as cutting platforms with workbench areas provide ample room to complete jobs in a clean and efficient way.

Our storage, security, and workstations are the perfect solution for any company that needs to store things securely on site. Secure storage solutions provide a necessary defence for sturdy and non-durable products and components from damage. These units also defend against theft and criminal damage.

The site storage options are all of the highest specifications, heavy-duty steel plate construction and unique anti-jemmy technology mean that they are virtually impregnable.  The workstations are designed to be multi-purpose. All the workstations can be moved around as necessary to suit your needs. These units can also be fitted with crane lifting eyes and have forklift skids for easy transportation.

Podium Ladders

We also offer a range of Fibreglass and Aluminium Podium Ladders designed to provide a safe working platform for the workplace environment. These ladders can be fixed height or extendable and are constructed from high-quality, lightweight materials with a large standing platform. The ladders come in various sizes, ranging from 2 steps to 10 steps, and are suitable for various industry applications.

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