Arc Flash Underwear

Arc flash underwear is an essential component of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to provide an additional layer of protection against the hazards of electrical arcs and flashes. This specialised underwear is specifically designed to offer flame-resistant properties and minimize the risk of burns or injuries caused by electrical incidents. Constructed with advanced materials, the arc flash underwear acts as a barrier between the wearer’s skin and the potential heat and flames generated during an arc flash event. It is designed to be comfortable and lightweight, ensuring that the wearer can maintain their focus and perform their tasks without compromising safety. By incorporating arc flash underwear into your safety protocol, you can enhance the overall protection and safety of your employees.

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    SKU: FRIS 7031
    Discover the FRISTADS BOXERS FLAMESTAT 7031, offering a remarkable combination of comfort and protection. These boxers are designed to be lightweight, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. With an elastic waistband, they provide a secure fit. The slim fit design adds to the overall comfort and flexibility. Made with a blend of 58% modacrylic, 37% cotton, 3% elastane, and 2% beltron, these boxers offer durability and stretchability. These boxers are also OEKO-TEX® certified, assuring their compliance with environmental and safety standards. Available in sizes ranging from S to 3XL, these boxers are the perfect choice for individuals seeking flame-resistant undergarments with a sleek and comfortable fit.

  • FRISTADS Trouser Flamestat long johns 7027 Black - Class 1
    SKU: FRIS 7027
    Experience the exceptional qualities of FRISTADS Trouser Flamestat long johns. These long johns are crafted to be light, comfortable, and offer a great fit. With an elastic waistband, they provide a snug and secure feel. Made from a combination of 58% modacrylic, 37% cotton, 3% elastane, and 2% beltron, these long johns ensure both durability and flexibility while also striking the perfect balance between protection and breathability. Available in a wide range of sizes from XS to 4XL, and with the classic colour black, these long johns offer a versatile and reliable choice for individuals seeking flame-resistant undergarments.

  • TRANEMO 5930 92 ARC RATED LONG JOHNS - 7.0 CAL/cm<sup data-lazy-src=
    SKU: 5930
    The 7.0 CAL/cm2 TRANEMO 5930 92 ARC RATED LONG JOHNS are an essential piece of protective clothing. Designed to offer optimal safety, these long johns are arc rated and provide reliable protection in potentially hazardous environments. Available in a classic navy, they offer a professional and versatile look. With a range of sizes available, from XS to XXXL, finding the perfect fit is made easy. Prioritise your safety and comfort with these arc-rated long johns, suitable for a range of industries and applications.

  • TRANEMO 5940 92 ARC RATED T-SHIRT LONG SLEEVES - 7.0 CAL/cm<sup data-lazy-src=
    SKU: 5940
    Introducing the 7.0 CAL/cm2 TRANEMO 5940 92 arc-rated t-shirt underwear, designed with a round neck and long sleeves for optimal protection. This garment is available in navy, providing a versatile and professional appearance. With a wide range of sizes available from XS to XXXL, individuals can find the perfect fit to ensure comfort and safety in potentially hazardous environments. Whether you're working in electrical or industrial settings, this arc-rated t-shirt underwear offers peace of mind and essential protection.