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We are official distributors for Seaward, Megger and Fluke and we stock a wide range of PAT Testing accessories. Buy PAT printers, PAT labels, PAT printer cartridges & PAT software for the exact make and model of the PAT Tester you use.

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  • Megger PAT400 Barcode PASS/FAIL Printer
    SKU: 1005-423
    A PAT label printer which can be used in conjunction with the Megger PAT410 and PAT420 PAT Testers. It can be connected directly to the Megger PAT400 series PAT Testers via a USB port. Features include Test information (PAT test technician name, test and re-test date, appliance ID and Pass or Fail status), Automatic tape cutter and Improved organisation, accuracy and competency of your PAT test procedure.

  • Fluke SP6000 Label Printer
    SKU: SP6000
    A portable PAT Label printer that prints stored test records directly on to thermal paper without the requirement for any additional software. The Fluke SP6000 Label Printer is compatible with the Fluke 6200-2 and Fluke 6500-2 PAT Testers and includes a rechargeable battery.

  • Megger PAT400 Barcode Scanner
    SKU: 1001-047
    An easy-to-use barcode scanner designed for the Megger PAT410 and PAT420 PAT Testers, comes complete with a scanner cradle and stand. This easy to use Barcode Scanner can be plugged directly into your PAT tester via a USB cable, scanned appliance details are displayed instantly on screen.

  • Seaward Bluetooth Barcode Elite Scanner
    SKU: 339A923
    A portable and lightweight asset label ID laser scanner, it comes with a bluetooth interface for ease of use.The Seaward Bluetooth Barcode Elite Scanner requires by standard LR-3 (AAA) batteries.

  • Seaward CCD Barcode Scanner
    SKU: 194A922
    A non contact barcode label scanner for use with advanced Seaward PAT Testers. The Seaward CCD Barcode Scanner can be used for fast entry of test information such as testcode, appliance number and asset details.

  • Seaward Test n Tag Pro Serial Printer
    SKU: 339A933
    A lightweight and portable battery powered PAT testing label printer which prints durable synthetic asset labels. These labels can include asset number, barcode, test date, user name, next test date and test status (dependent on which PAT tester is being used). The Seaward Test n Tag Pro Serial Printer can be used in conjunction with the PrimeTest 250+ tester via serial cable. The Test n Tag Pro is also available with Bluetooth connectivity (339A980) for use with the Apollo series of PAT testers.

  • Test n Tag Elite 2 Printer
    SKU: 339A989
    A portable Bluetooth PAT Testing Label Printer with connectivity via bluetooth and a rugged design. It also boasts enhanced battery life.

  • Seaward Desk Test n Tag Printer
    SKU: 312A916
    Desktop thermal type printer that produces superior quality, durable 100x50mm labels. The Seaward Desk Test n Tag Printer is compatible with the Seaward Supernova Elite advanced PAT Tester and also with a variety of ClareHAL Flash Testers.