Insulating Oil Handling & Analysis

EA Power Skills Training

This course is carried out by EA Technology at their UK training centre.

This one day course covers all aspects of oil filled switchgear, including oil sampling from switchgear and transformers, analysis and interpretation of results and practical oil handling, storage and disposal techniques. This course can be taken as a standalone course or as a follow up to Transformers for Power Systems Course.

Why should you attend this course ?

  • Improve your knowledge of oil filled switchgear and oil testing
  • Gain expertise in oil testing techniques and result interpretation
  • Reduce the risk of failure by detecting faults and deterioration early
  • Deliver best value over the lifetime of your company’s switchgear assets
  • Contribute vital data to enhance your company’s CBRM strategy
  • Learn safe techniques for handling and disposal of switchgear oil

For more information on this course, or any of EA Technology’s Power Skills Centre courses, please e-mail us or call 057 866 2162 to speak to one of our team.