EA Technology Distributor

EA Technology

EA Technology offers high tech instruments, software, electrical services and technical consultancy to operators of power networks around the world. Powerpoint Engineering is the official distributor of EA Technology products and equipment in Ireland.

EA Technology focuses on asset management solutions for operators of electrical assets around the world. By focusing on specific areas of the electrical industry, they have been able to develop world-class electrical testing and measurement tools for the electrical industry.

We are proud of our collaboration with EA Technology as it allows us to provide industries in Ireland with world-leading electrical testing tools.

Our range of EA technology equipment consists of:

  • EA Technology PD testing- Partial discharge causes up to 85% of issues with medium and high voltage systems. EA technology PD testing units are designed to assist in countering this. Check out our range of testers.
  • Partial Discharge testing guides- Our partial discharge guides are ideal for battery testing and are compiled from leading manufacturers.
  • EA technology PD testing videos- Learn about partial discharge and how to accurately test for it with EA technology units.

Partial discharge is an especially difficult area to examine without shutting down units. EA Technology makes this an easier process to follow. Our range of equipment and study guides ensure that all our customers are up to date on industry trends.

We’re proud to be the leading suppliers of Electrical Test Instruments, Energy Monitoring Equipment, Electrical Safety Equipment & Power Cable Accessories in Ireland.

We choose EA technology for its reliability, ease of use and durability. If you do not see a product that suits your needs, please examine our other distributors and product range.

Contact our sales team now for further assistance and purchasing enquiries.