Steel & Brass Safety Padlocks

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  • Burg Wächter Emergency Key Box
    SKU: EB01
    The Burg Wächter Emergency Key Box is a compact and durable key storage solution. It features a powder-coated finish, providing added protection and a professional look. The key box allows for easy visual inspection of the key inside, ensuring quick access when needed. It is equipped with a cylinder lock and comes with two keys for secure storage. Additionally, the key box is supplied with a break glass hammer, enabling access in case of emergencies. With dimensions of 120 mm in width, 150 mm in height, and 40 mm in depth, it offers a compact and convenient size for installation.

  • Master Lock 6121 ProSeries Weather Tough Padlock
    SKU: 6121, 6121RED, 6121GRN, 6121YLW, 6121BLU, 6121ORJ, 6121WHT
    The Master Lock 6121 ProSeries Weather Tough Padlock is a high-quality and reliable padlock designed to withstand challenging conditions. It features a 5/16in (8mm) diameter hardened boron alloy shackle, providing excellent resistance against cutting. The padlock is equipped with a Weather Tough® Padlock Cover, offering protection against water, ice, dirt, and grime. Its dual ball locking mechanism enhances security by resisting pulling and prying attempts. The padlock has a 2-1/8in (54mm) heavy steel body, ensuring durability and resistance to physical attacks. The padlock is available in various shackle lengths and can be keyed differently, keyed alike, or master keyed depending on your requirements.

  • Sterling Key Operated Padlocks
    SKU: APL022P, APL032P, APL042P, APL052P
    Sterling Key Operated Padlocks are reliable and versatile padlocks designed for various locking applications. They feature a corrosion-resistant aluminium body that ensures durability and longevity. The padlocks come with a protective coloured sleeve that adds an extra layer of protection and helps with easy identification. The brass cylinder plug and pins provide smooth and reliable operation. The hardened steel chrome-plated shackle offers superior strength and resistance to cutting or tampering. These padlocks are supplied in assorted colours, with red and blue options available.

  • Burg Wächter Magno Padlocks
    SKU: 400 E 15, 400 E 20, 400 E 25, 400 E 30, 400 E 35, 400 E 40, 400 E45, 400 E 50, 400 E 60
    Burg Wächter Magno Padlocks are durable and reliable padlocks designed for secure locking applications. They feature a solid brass body that provides strength and resistance to corrosion. The hardened steel shackle is chrome-plated for added durability and security. Larger sizes of the padlocks are double bolted, offering increased resistance to tampering. The padlocks have a rustproof interior, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions. With a high breaking strength, they provide reliable protection against forceful attempts to open them. The padlocks are available in many key differs, allowing for a wide range of key combinations for enhanced security.

  • ABUS Brass Padlocks with Coloured Veneer Sheaths
    SKU: PP-051354, PP-051355, PP-051356, PP-051357, PP-051358, PP-051359
    ABUS Brass Padlocks with Coloured Veneer Sheaths are reliable and corrosion-resistant padlocks designed for various applications. With a shackle diameter of 6.50mm, these padlocks are suitable for use in flammable environments as they are spark resistant. The 6-pin cylinder provides enhanced security with more unique key cuts and better tamper resistance. The locks are protected by coloured vinyl sheaths, offering additional visibility and protection. Each padlock is supplied keyed differently and comes with two keys. They are available in six different colours, allowing for easy identification and organisation.

  • ABUS Brass Safety Padlock
    SKU: PP-805831, PP-805832, PP-805834
    The ABUS Brass Safety Padlock is a durable and reliable padlock featuring a brass body and hardened steel shackle. It is designed with non-corrosive inner components for long-lasting performance. The padlock utilises a precision pin tumbler cylinder for enhanced security. The locks are supplied keyed differently by default, but they can be keyed alike upon request. The ABUS Brass Safety Padlock is available in packs of 6 padlocks, providing convenience for multiple locking needs.

  • ABUS Fully Insulated Brass Safety Padlock
    SKU: PP-805835
    The ABUS Fully Insulated Brass Safety Padlock provides reliable security with its solid brass body and hardened or stainless steel shackle. It features a sealed lock body with a cylinder cover, protecting the cylinder from dirt. The padlock has a 5-pin cylinder and a shock-absorbing vinyl casing that safeguards painted surfaces. Additionally, both the body and shackle are fully insulated against electric shock. The locks are supplied keyed differently as a default, but they can be keyed alike upon request. The padlocks are available in two colors: black and blue.

  • ABUS Alloy Steel Safety Padlock (Pack of 3)
    SKU: PP-805837, PP-805838, PP-805839
    These padlocks provide a high level of security with their highest standard hardened alloy steel shackle and body. They feature an Abus-Plus 7 pin disk cylinder, offering ultimate protection against manipulation and key interchanges. Each set includes three padlocks, and each lock comes with two keys. By default, the locks are supplied keyed differently, but they can be keyed alike upon request for convenience.