Substation / High Voltage Calibration

We calibrate all makes and models of Substation / High Voltage Test Instruments. We calibrate a large range of these instruments and cover all functions including Current Injection up to 2000A, High Voltage up to 100kV, Timing Functions, mA Leakage currents, Frequency, Power Factor and all other electrical functions.

Substation HV Calibration

We can perform Substation / High Voltage Calibration on the following:

  • Current Injection Kits
  • HI Pots
  • Relay Test Kits
  • Relay Timers
  • HV Oil Testers
  • Ductor Testers (low ohm)
  • HV Detectors
  • UltraTEV Partial Discharge Detectors

All of our calibrations are carried out in accordance with Measurement Management System I.S. EN ISO 10012:2013.

For further information, email us or call us on 057 866 2162, we would be happy to assist with any queries you might have.