Lightning Rods

Lightning Rods play a vital role in a comprehensive lightning protection system, safeguarding structures from direct lightning strikes. By emitting a continuous upward leader ahead of other objects, they extend the protection zone and establish a secure path for lightning current towards the grounding system. This effectively shields individuals and buildings within the protective radius. The utilization of Franklin rods and meshed conductors enables the dispersion and dissipation of lightning current throughout the surrounding environment, effectively mitigating the risks of electrical surges and potential fire hazards that may arise from lightning entering a structure via wires and pipes.

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  • ESE Air Terminals
    SKU: ESE-Air
    ESE (Early Streamer Emission) air terminals initiate a vertical leader before any other objects, extending the protective area and offering a secure path for lightning current to safely discharge into the ground. This effectively safeguards individuals and buildings within the radius of protection from potential lightning-related risks.

  • Franklin Rods
    SKU: AT3w-Rods
    Lightning protection systems utilise Franklin rods and meshed conductors to effectively distribute and dissipate lightning current. This is achieved through a network of down-conductors and earth terminations. Franklin rods can take various forms such as Air Termination Rods, Air Terminal with Mast, Taper Pointed Air Rod, Threaded Lightning Rod, Light Air Rod, Lightning Rod for Wedge, Self-Supporting Air Termination Rod, Gunmetal Multi-point, Copper Multi-point with Mast, Multi-Point, and Strike Pad. These components work together to ensure the safe discharge of lightning energy into the ground, protecting structures and occupants from potential damage or harm.