Termination & Jointing Training

Termination & Jointing Training

Our Cable Termination & Jointing Training courses can be one two or three day’s duration depending upon the requirements of the trainees and are given by a qualified, experienced and independent training instructor.

These courses are designed to ensure anyone attending a course is made familiar with the procedures involved in the installation of medium voltage cable accessories. The courses are very much “hands on” but there is a degree of simple theory given to explain the workings of cables and accessories, why failures occur and ways of ensuring failures are kept to a minimum. This course can be tailored to meet your own specific requirements. A certificate of attendance will be awarded for this course. However, only persons demonstrating competence to install products satisfactorily will be given a certificate to that effect.

There are three types of courses available:

  1. A one-day course on separable connectors
  2. A two-day refresher course on medium voltage cable accessories
  3. A three-day course on medium voltage cable accessories including heat shrink and cold shrink joints and terminations and separable connectors

Course Overviews:

One-day course on separable connectors
A brief explanation of cable types used and how separable connectors work and what can go wrong will last for about one hour. There will then be a period of cable preparation before the installation of a separable connector is carried out.

Two-day course on medium voltage cable accessories
This course will go into more detail on the workings of accessories and will cover heat shrink and cold shrink joints and terminations in addition to separable connectors. There will also be installation of a wide range of products specified by the client

Three-day course on medium voltage cable accessories
This course is similar to the two-day course but will cover a wider range of topics and in a little more detail

Assessment and Certification

On successful completion, you will be issued with a ‘Cable Termination and Jointing’ training certificate of attendance by the training instructor.

Learning Objective:

On completion of the courses, you will have a very good understanding of:

  • Product design
  • Cable Construction and Preparation
  • Installation techniques
  • Understand manufacturers Installation instructions

Prerequisite Experience

  • For the one-day course qualified electricians and jointer’s mates
  • For the two-day course jointers, jointers mates and supervisors/managers
  • For the three-day course electricians, jointer’s mates and supervisors/managers with an electrical background

Participants are required to bring their own appropriate PPE equipment & cable preparation tools.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who is involved in any way with medium voltage cable accessories

Trainer’s Profile:

Our Trainer is UK based BSc, MSc, PhD, CEng, MIET professional with 40 years’ experience working within the cable accessory industry.

He has significant experience in developing both low and medium voltage cable accessories and carrying out fault analysis on joints and terminations.

Since 2000 he has been heavily involved in training jointers and engineers in all aspects of medium voltage cable accessories. Our Trainer has written 2 books on the subject of cable accessories.

To learn more about our Cable Termination & Jointing Training Course, or to arrange a booking please email us at [email protected] or call us on 057 8662162.