Partial Discharge Testing (PD Testing Service)

Partial Discharge Testing Service

We offer a Partial Discharge Testing Service to customers throughout Ireland. With over 25 years experience in working on Medium & High Voltage equipment, our Partial Discharge (PD) Testing Service uses the latest technology from EA Technology.

Partial Discharge Testing (PD Testing)

Over 85% of disruptive failures in medium voltage (MV) & high voltage (HV) equipment are Partial Discharge related. Once PD activity starts it inevitably leads to failure. Our PD testing service requires no shutdown and is an ideal way to plan maintenance, repair or replacement activities in a cost effective and efficient manner. Learn more about Partial Discharge Testing by watching our selection of Partial Discharge videos.

Following the partial discharge survey a comprehensive PD Test report is issued, listing any problems found and corresponding recommendations.

What is Partial Discharge ?

A partial discharge (PD) is an electrical discharge or spark that bridges a small portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes. PD can occur at any point in the insulation system, where the electric field strength exceeds the breakdown strength of that portion of the insulating material.

PD can occur in voids within solid insulation, across the surface of insulating material due to contaminants or irregularities, within gas bubbles in liquid insulation or around an electrode in gas (corona activity).

Partial Discharge Emissions

Partial Discharges emit energy as:

  • Electromagnetic emissions, in the form of radio waves, light and heat
  • Acoustic emissions, in the audible and ultrasonic ranges
  • Ozone and nitrous oxide gases

PD activity provides clear evidence that an asset is deteriorating in a way that is likely to lead to failure.The process of deterioration can propagate and develop, until the insulation is unable to withstand the electrical stress, leading to flashover. The ultimate failure of HV/MV assets is often sudden and catastrophic, producing major damage and network outages.

PD Detection & Measurement Technologies

  • Transient Earth Voltages(TEVs)
    Measuring TEV emissions is a highly effective way of detecting, quantifying and locating PD activity in live assets.TEV sensors are employed in all of our PD detection instruments. This makes them far superior to products that only measure ultrasonic emissions.
  • Ultrasonics
    PD activity creates emissions in both the audible and ultrasonic ranges. The latter is by far the most valuable for early detection and measurement.

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