Cable Joints

Cable joints are specialized tools used for splicing and connecting electrical cables together. These tools are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between cables, ensuring that the electrical circuit is continuous and free of any interruptions.


Cable jointing tools come in various types, including mechanical, heat shrink, and cold shrink jointing tools. Mechanical jointing tools use connectors to create a physical connection between cables, while heat shrink and cold shrink jointing tools use heat to form a seal around the cables. The choice of the right cable jointing tool depends on the type and size of the cable, as well as the environmental conditions in which the joint will be installed. Proper usage of cable jointing tools is critical to ensure the safety and reliability of the electrical circuit, and to prevent any damage or failures in the joint.


View our range cable joints from leading suppliers such as Raychem and 3M below. Browse through three core cable joints and single core cable joints, ranging from 11kV to 52kV.

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