Cable Detection

View our extensive range of Cable Detection products, designed to assist you in accurately locating underground cables. These include the EZiCAT Intelligent GPS, which combines advanced GPS technology with cable detection capabilities. The data logging cable locators offer the ability to record and analyze data for efficient fault location. The EZiSYSTEM xf range provides advanced buried service location devices that offer high accuracy and reliability. With these innovative products, customers can ensure effective cable detection and fault location, enhancing safety and efficiency in various applications.

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  • Amprobe UAT-505-EUR Underground Utility Locator
    SKU: A-UAT-505
    The Amprobe UAT-505-EUR Underground Utility Locator is a versatile tool for detecting and tracing buried cables, pipes, and wiring, offering a 6-meter depth measurement, 30-meter detection range, and the option to connect with CAT IV 600V energised installations when upgraded to the UAT-600-TE transmitter. Additionally, it supports clamp tracing when used with the SC-600.

  • Beha-Amprobe UAT-505-EUR Underground Utility Locator
    SKU: UAT-505
    The Beha-Amprobe UAT-505-EUR DD120 and DD130 Underground Utility Locators offer a range of features including multiple modes, working frequencies, depth detection capabilities, and durability, providing accurate and reliable detection for various applications.

  • CC-UAT-500EUR
    SKU: 5263055
    Carry the UAT-505-EUR in the purpose-built Beha-Amprobe CC-UAT-500EUR carrying case. With ample space and a comfortable shoulder strap for secure carrying, the CC-UAT-500EUR is the perfect carrying case.

  • DD220/DD230 SMART Utility Locators Solution
    SKU: DD220/230
    The DD220/DD230 SMART Utility Locators Solution with DX Shield software offers on-site safety, usability, and performance analysis. It provides easy-to-read reports for efficient product use and helps businesses identify training needs to protect personnel, assets, infrastructure, and company reputation.

  • Leica ULTRA
    SKU: LEI-U
    The Leica ULTRA System locator is specifically designed for utility locating and can be configured for challenging environments. It offers over 100 programmable frequencies, adaptive program modes, Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM), Offset Measuring, and Bluetooth connectivity for precise and efficient utility detection.

    SKU: 21948
    The RIDGID Line Transmitters offer precise tracing of buried utilities through multiple frequency options, using either direct connection or induction methods. The ST-305 model is highly suitable for portable and reliable operations, with transmitter power capabilities of 5W and 10W for enhanced detection accuracy.

    SKU: 2194
    The transmitters in the SEEKTECH product line offer various frequency options and can apply signals through direct connection and induction, with the 5W and 10W transmitters providing stronger signals for easier locating. The ST-33Q+ transmitter offers enhanced induction capabilities, while the ST-33Q transmitter is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled locators like the SR-24, enabling automatic frequency and power setting adjustments from the receiver.

    SKU: 21953
    The ST-510 comes with a digitized display and a powerful 10W line transmitter. The two 50 feet terminal leads are ideal for utility detection in most areas.

    SKU: 46393
    The SEEKTECH® SR-24 offers enhanced capabilities compared to the SR-20, including Bluetooth and GPS features, while maintaining standard functions such as target-line guidance, left-right arrows for utility direction, proximity signal and strength for precise locating, real-time depth changes, and the Omni-Seek® function to search for and avoid unknown metallic lines using passive power and radio bands.

    SKU: 21943
    The SEEKTECH® SR-20 mapping display provides efficient signal location in congested areas, offering features such as target-line guidance, left-right arrows for utility direction, proximity signal and strength for precise locating, real-time depth changes, and the Omni-Seek® function to search for and avoid unknown metallic lines using passive power and radio bands.

  • TL-UAT-500
    SKU: TL-UAT-500
    The TL-UAT-500 Test Leads Kit, included in the UAT-505-EUR kit, features two test leads with alligator clips and a ground spike. Use this kit to connect the UAT-500-TE Transmitter to de-energized cables or utilities.

  • UAT-500-TE
    SKU: 5263043
    The Beha-Amprobe UAT-505-EUR unit, featuring the UAT-500-TE Transmitter, is designed to generate a signal for locating buried pipes, cables, and wires. With its 33 kHz operating frequency, it is widely compatible with various locating devices, allowing the receiver to accurately detect signals emitted by the buried unit.

  • UAT-505-EUR
    SKU: 5263037
    The Beha-Amprobe UAT-505-EUR underground utility locator kit is a comprehensive solution for locating underground wires, cables, and pipes, whether they are energised or de-energised. With its 33 kHz frequency transmitter, versatile receiver, and various modes including power and radio detection, it enables accurate tracing of signals and can reach depths of up to 6 meters.

  • 3M<sup data-lazy-src=
    SKU: 7420-iD
    The 3M Dynatel iD Marker/EMS Tape locator 7420 is a versatile tool that can locate various frequencies of 3M EMS Path Marking Tape, detect industry standard electronic markers, read and write 3M iD markers, provide depth estimation, and offer GPS communication capability or GIS mapping. With its lightweight design, ergonomic features, and large backlit display, it is a convenient and reliable option for locating and identifying markers and tapes.

  • 3M<sup data-lazy-src=
    SKU: 7550-iD/7573-iD
    The 3M Dynatel Pipe/Cable/EMS Locator 7500 Series is a feature-rich device with 6 active frequencies for direct connect and transmitter output, 4 induction frequencies, a trace view mapping display, push-button depth measurement for all underground markers, a receiver rechargeable battery kit, automatic impedance matching, an ohm meter with high voltage detection, and rugged construction suitable for industrial environments. It also offers 240VAC output protection and the ability to read and write to 3M iD Markers, providing a comprehensive solution for locating and managing underground assets.

  • 3M<sup data-lazy-src=
    SKU: 6cd68b3292ba
    3M Point Marking provides a reliable and constant reference point for recording position, surpassing surface features and maps. These markers operate effectively in various soil types and are color-coded for easy identification. With customizable options, such as facility data and application details, the 3M iD Model Markers can be accessed in the field or uploaded to your GIS system for comprehensive utility management.

  • 3M<sup data-lazy-src=
    SKU: 6ea98ad37ddb
    3M EMS Path Marking Tape and Rope offer a low-maintenance solution for marking and locating underground plastic pipes and conduits. They can be easily installed near or above buried assets, providing a detectable path above ground without the need for batteries or external transmitters. The markers work independently and come in various frequencies, ensuring accurate identification for each utility type.

  • SebaKMT Easyloc - Line location system
    SKU: Easyloc
    The SebaKMT Easyloc offers convenient and efficient utility locating with its quick operation, versatile modes, and user-friendly features including automatic backlight, depth confirmation, and automatic sensitivity control. The transmitter provides high-performance tracing capabilities and compatibility with other systems, while the self-calibration check routine ensures cost savings on annual maintenance.

  • Cable Detection EZiCAT i500 Series
    SKU: EZiCAT i500
    The cutting-edge EZiCAT i500 is the forefront of cable location technology. Equipped with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and intelligent software, the EZiCAT i-Series locators streamline ground surveys, promoting on-site safety and delivering significant time and cost savings. Using electromagnetic signals emitted by buried conductive services, the EZiCAT i500 precisely locates them. The intelligent software swiftly interprets the signals, providing the operator with clear audible and visual feedback regarding the position and direction of the buried services. Experience unparalleled ease in locating buried services with the EZiCAT i500.

  • Cable Detection EZiCAT i600 Series
    SKU: EZiCAT i600
    The innovative EZiCAT i600 offers advanced features like data capture and onboard memory, enabling users to verify their findings and access records after incidents like service strikes. By detecting electromagnetic signals emitted by buried conductive services, the EZiCAT i600's intelligent software provides clear audio indications of their location and direction. Operators can easily mark the ground or use GIS mapping tools for precise documentation. With the LOGiCAT Software, records can be organized, promoting on-site safety and identifying training requirements. The EZiCAT i600 simplifies the process of locating underground cables and pipes, enhancing on-site safety, and optimizing time and cost efficiency.