Ground Enhancing Products

Ground Enhancing Products

Our specially engineered solutions are tailored to address the most challenging grounding dilemmas. Formulated with an exceptional conductive material, these innovations generate partially ionized electrolytes, possessing a remarkable capacity to retain water and form gels. With their corrosion-resistant properties, these groundbreaking solutions offer an optimal choice for those grappling with grounding concerns. They excel as soil replacement materials, effortlessly minimising resistance and impedance measurements. Notably cost-effective and extraordinarily efficient, they are a superior compound for achieving exceptional results.

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  • APLIFILL Graphite Powder
    SKU: AT-032L
    Aplifill is a highly hygroscopic compound that effectively reduces resistance and impedance measurements by retaining moisture around the conductor, providing a low-cost and corrosion-free solution for soil replacement.

  • Conductiver Plus
    SKU: AT-010L
    CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a non-corrosive and ecological gel that improves soil conductivity. It creates partially ionized electrolytes with high charge and water retention capacity, forming gels. The gel remains in the ground for an extended period by forming bonds with the particles. It increases ground conductivity for one year, even with significant rainfall. Importantly, CONDUCTIVER PLUS does not cause corrosion of the earth electrode and is environmentally friendly.

  • APLICEM - Conductive cement
    SKU: AT-034L
    APLICEM is a conductive concrete available in 11.7 kg bags. It enhances the conductive surface of earth electrodes, resulting in reduced earthing resistance. The resistance remains stable regardless of soil moisture, leading to cost savings as fewer boreholes are required to achieve the desired resistance. Furthermore, APLICEM is an inert material that prevents corrosion from forming on the electrode.