SPD Event Counters

SPD (Surge Protective Device) Event Counters are essential tools for tracking the performance and effectiveness of surge protection systems. These counters provide valuable insights into the number of surge events that the SPD has encountered over a specific period. By recording and displaying this data, they offer a clear overview of the level of protection provided to electrical and electronic equipment against voltage spikes and surges. Monitoring surge events is crucial for maintenance planning, as it helps determine when an SPD might need replacement due to reaching its maximum surge capacity.

Surge counters that use inductive probes to estimate the number of surges are required for safety technology. If a surge occurs on the electrical system at or above 150V line-to-ground or line-to-neutral, a surge counter will count it. Every timeline noise emitted from a 120V sine wave exceeds the line noise threshold, a surge counter will increase. The noise is most likely a result of equipment operating in the facility and not the utility.

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