Unipower Power Quality Meters

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  • Unipower UP-2210R Rack Mount PQ Measuring Unit
    SKU: UP-2210R
    An IEC 61000­4­30 Class A Power Quality Analyzer and Fault Recorder targeted on MV and HV applications. UP­2210­R Comes in a convenient 19" case that fits easily in the sub-station control cabinets. The hardware is based on Unipowers class A platform and measures all Power Quality parameters, does fault recording and energy metering as well as advanced disturbance recording.

  • Unipower Unilyzer 902 Power Analyzer
    SKU: U902
    Portable power analyser that records power quality measurements in out-of-the-control-room environments. Four independent trig channels capture sags, swells, transients and interruptions. Using DSP (Digital Signal Processor) the Unilyzer 902 measures all periods without time gaps.

  • Unipower Unilyzer 900 Power Network Analyser
    SKU: Unilyzer 900 S-T
    The Unilyzer 900 is designed for electric power distribution companies to explore customer complaints but it can be used by anyone wanting to troubleshoot problems or to do optimisations in the power network. Complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A for Power Quality measurements. It’s standard memory allows data to be stored for 5 months.

  • Unipower UP-2210 Power Quality Measure Unit
    SKU: 22-003X*
    Functions as an advanced power quality meter and at the same time as a fault recorder. Captures both steady state disturbances (harmonics, flicker etc) as well as rapid voltage changes (sag/swell events and fast transients). All power quality parameters can be analysed in accordance with voltage quality standards such as the EN 50 160.