Partial Discharge Training

EA Power Skills Training

This course is carried out by EA Technology at their UK training centre.

Optional 1 day or 2 day courses.

1-Day Course  – Partial Discharge (PD Activity)

In this course, the correct measurement procedure will be demonstrated for checking the background interference and locating the source of partial discharge. All the instruments will be demonstrated on switchgear. Trainess will learn how to report and analyse the data and options for further investigation to locate and pinpoint partial discharge source. A number of case studies of HV switchgear and cable failures caused by partial discharge will also be covered. The following topics will be addressed:

  • What is partial discharge – PD activity.
  • How to carry out partial discharge surveys using hand held portable instruments.
  • Measurement of electromagnetic and ultrasonic pulses by using instruments such as UltraTEV Detector, UltraTEV Plus, UltraTEV Locator, UltraTEV Monitor and UltraTEV Alarm.

2-Day Course – Partial Discharge Monitoring (PD Monitoring)

This course covers partial discharge theory, in addition to the various PD measurement techniques. Topics include:

  • Ultrasonic detection
  • The PD instrument range
  • Transient Earth Voltage detection
  • Data recording and follow-up actions
  • Assessment questionnaire
  • Partial discharge monitoring & Installation
  • Data collection and interpretation

For more information on this course, or any of EA Technology’s Power Skills Centre courses, please e-mail us or call 057 866 2162 to speak to one of our team.