Split Core Current Transformer

Split-core current transformers are indispensable components for accurate power quality and energy monitoring applications. Designed with convenience and safety in mind, these transformers offer a hassle-free solution for retrofits and installations in electrical systems. Their unique split-core design allows them to be easily installed on existing conductors, eliminating the need for system shutdowns. This is particularly advantageous for applications where downtime is costly and inconvenient.

These split-core current transformers come in various sizes to accommodate different conductor sizes and power ratings, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electrical systems. The transformers are well-suited for power quality meters, energy loggers, and other monitoring equipment, allowing for precise measurement of current values without interrupting the power supply. With features such as accurate turns ratios and high accuracy classes, they provide reliable and consistent data for analysis and optimisation of energy usage.

Whether used for industrial facilities, commercial buildings, or residential settings, split-core current transformers provide a practical and effective solution for monitoring current loads. Their ease of installation, accuracy, and compatibility make them an essential component in any power quality and energy monitoring setup. See our full range of current transformers on our dedicated website, www.powermeters.ie

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