Customised Barriers Systems

Safety barrier systems play a crucial role in safeguarding workplaces where the risk of injury or accidents exists. Unlike generic solutions, our customised safety barriers ensure a tailored approach that aligns with the specific needs of your industry. Our Customised Barriers Systems are designed to meet your specific requirements and are available in a variety of options, including safety barriers, crowd control barriers, and pedestrian barriers. These custom barrier systems can enhance workplace safety, control crowd movement and ensure pedestrian safety. All of our products feature durable construction, adjustable configurations, and easy setup. 

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  • Beltrac Belt Stanchion - Storetrac Mono - (12m retractable belt)
    SKU: SM12
    The Beltrac Storetrac is a robust and mobile barrier designed for various industries and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a 12-meter retractable belt that provides ample coverage. Made from durable aluminum, the barrier ensures sturdiness and longevity. The retractable belt is equipped with a centrifugal brake system that prevents the belt from rapidly retracting into the housing in case of sudden release. Additionally, the Storetrac can accommodate an additional retractable belt if needed. With its integrated receptacle, it allows for the attachment of belts from other Beltrac barriers. The Storetrac is approximately 22 kg in weight, stands at a height of 1000 mm, and is constructed with an aluminum material. Its base has a diameter of 490 mm, ensuring stability and security.

  • FlexiBarrier Belt Stanchion - Outdoor 1050 - (10.6m belt)
    SKU: OD1050
    The FlexiBarrier Outdoor 1050 is a versatile and cost-effective solution for creating long straight barriers or large cordons. With its impressive 10.6-meter belt, it requires only a quarter of the number of barriers compared to those with the industry-standard 2.3-meter belt. This translates to lower purchase costs, faster setup times, and reduced space needed for transportation and storage. The Outdoor 1050 model is designed for outdoor use and features a robust recycled rubber base that provides durability and stability. The barrier is easy to move around with its handle, and each post is equipped with a receiver, allowing for the attachment of incoming belts from any direction. With the FlexiBarrier Outdoor 1050, you'll receive a complete package including a rubber base, steel post, fastening bolt, integrated retractable belt with a length of 10.6 meters, and a universal belt end for connecting to the next post.

  • FlexiBarrier Belt Stanchion - SafetyPlus 10m - (10.6m belt)
    SKU: SP10m
    The Flexibarrier SafetyPlus 10m is a highly practical and efficient belt barrier designed for safety and crowd control. With its impressive 10.6-meter retractable belt, it offers an extensive coverage area, reducing the need for multiple barriers. The integrated retractable belt mechanism ensures that the belt remains taut at all times, even when not fully extended, thanks to the built-in spring. Additionally, the mechanism includes a lock button that allows for easy and secure belt locking. Assembly is quick and hassle-free, and the sturdy cast iron base ensures stability, making it suitable for outdoor use. The barrier is equipped with a floor protector to prevent any damage to the surface. With a height of 1 meter and weighing 14 kg, this Flexibarrier model provides a reliable and versatile solution for managing crowds and maintaining safety in various settings.