Lockout Tagout Mistakes That Can Lead To Injury or Death

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and standards regarding lockout/tagout are aimed at protecting the workplace, staff and machinery from accidents that may occur during maintenance or repairs. Despite elaborate recommendations and audits, fatalities still continue and their severities range from mild shocks and missing fingers to lost lives. While using suitable lockout/tagout devices from specialist dealers such as lockoutsafety.com is a must to ensure adequate safety, it is equally important for the staff and technicians to strictly follow charted lockout processes to prevent any accidental damages. A comprehensive range of lockout devices at lockoutsafety.com can help put … Continue reading

Failure to PAT Test – Penalties

New Safety at Work regulations and the recent insistance of insurance companies and standards authorities call for Portable Appliance Testing procedures to be in place within companies. But what are the penalties for not having PAT testing approved equipment? In short, non-compliance organisations run the risk of injury or death, fire, private legal action and invalidating your commercial insurance policy.

Power Factor Measurement Methods in Revenue Energy Meters

Today’s industrial life extensively uses all types of electronic devices such as monitors and servers that require a lot of power. Our customers at Powerpoint Engineering regularly pose questions relating to power usage and the costs involved. I have put together the following information that I hope will give you a better understanding of how efficiently we utilise power, keeping the cost-effectiveness in mind. One way to analyse this through consideration of the power factor. Power Factor There are two aspects to power – active and reactive. Active or real power is the power used in all electrical appliances. This is expressed in … Continue reading

Colour Coded Key Cabinets for Different Keying Systems

OSHA guidelines do not mandate any standard colour codes for Lockout Tagout processes. It is the company’s prerogative to identify and use suitable colour codes that best match the requirements. Depending on the scale of operations, the different departments, machines, and technicians and supervisors entrusted with Lockout Tagout and maintenance/repair responsibilities and the types of keyed Lockout Tagout units such as safety padlocks, group lockout boxes, lockout and padlock stations, companies opt for colour-coded key cabinets to not only store keys safely but also facilitate easy location and use the right key to release the locks. See our full range … Continue reading

Why Should You Consider Arc Flash Rated Underwear?

Our customers for Arc Flash PPE regularly ask us questions regarding Arc Flash Rated Underwear and if there is a need for it. We have put together the following information that we hope will help in providing a better understanding of why you should consider Arc Flash Rated Underwear and the benefits it provides to the wearer. The IEC offers comprehensive directions on how to establish an electrically safe work environment, right from identifying and evaluating the risks involved, choosing suitable protective clothing and accessories, taking all precautions and safety measures to protect the workplace and its inhabitants, and imparting … Continue reading