Portable Power Meters

Power Quality Meters play a pivotal role in modern electrical systems, offering comprehensive insights into the intricate dynamics of voltage, current, power, energy, and a myriad of power quality parameters. These advanced instruments go beyond the basics, allowing simultaneous measurement of crucial metrics like transients, harmonics, and sags/swells. Their ability to capture these diverse factors in real-time empowers professionals to gain a complete understanding of the electrical network’s health and performance.

We supply an extensive selection of top-tier Power Quality Meters from renowned brands such as Fluke and Unipower. Our inventory covers a wide spectrum of models, each equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure accurate and detailed data acquisition. These meters are not just standalone devices; they come with an array of accompanying software and accessories that enhance their functionality and usability enabling engineers, electricians, and maintenance personnel to effectively analyse, troubleshoot, and optimise electrical systems, contributing to enhanced efficiency, reliability, and safety.

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