General Earthing Materials

General Earthing Materials

Experience peace of mind with our premium General Earthing Materials, meticulously crafted to deliver uninterrupted and reliable operation of your earthing system. These exceptional products are constructed using top-notch materials renowned for their durability and longevity. With their vital role in safeguarding the electrical installation, occupants, and electronic devices, these components are indispensable. By eliminating weak links in the earthing network, they fortify the entire system, mitigating potential hazards and ensuring the utmost safety for your electrical installation and building occupants.

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  • Spark Gaps
    SKU: AT-050K
    AT-050K spark gap with brass clamps provides a reliable solution for joining earth connections, preventing current flow between them during voltage surges and discharge events, while minimizing corrosion concerns.

  • Earth pits
    SKU: AT-010H
    The polypropylene earth pit measures 250 x 250 x 250 mm and is capable of withstanding 5,000 kg loads. It is designed for easy handling and storage, offering good resistance to chemical substances and UV rays. The pit can be securely attached using two individual screws.

  • Bonding bars for earth pits
    SKU: AT-006J
    The copper bonding bar for earth pits, measuring 300 x 64 x 53 mm and equipped with 5 M10 screws, facilitates the connection of up to 5 conductors using compression terminals, and it can be easily attached to the AT-010K earth pit.

  • Earth bars
    SKU: AT-020J
    The copper earth bar features 8 ways with M10 screws and includes a disconnecting link, allowing for easy and secure connection of multiple cables or conductors.