PAT Tester Calibration

We offer a PAT Tester Calibration Service for all makes and models of PAT Testers including Megger, Fluke, Seaward, Kyoritsu and Metrohm. We have also been approved as a Seaward Calibration Partner. As the only Approved Seaward Service Partner in Ireland we are their recommended provider for the calibration and repair of Seward PAT Testers in Ireland. For calibrations, we are the only calibration lab
that can reset the calibration date, alarm and adjust calibration offsets and settings, where required. For repair, we are the only calibration lab that Seaward supply with their full range of spare parts necessary to carry out repairs.

Our qualified technicians will ensure that your PAT Tester is performing as it should be and conform to all relevant manufacturer standards. We test all functions of PAT Testers including Flash output up to 3kV. We also check earth bond leads to ensure they are not giving incorrect earth bond readings.

PAT Tester Calibration

We can carry out PAT Tester Calibration on the following:

  • Seaward PAT Testers
  • Megger PAT Testers
  • Fluke PAT Testers
  • Di-log PAT Testers
  • Martindale PAT Testers
  • Metrel PAT Testers
  • Kyoritsu PAT Testers

All of our calibrations are carried out in accordance with Measurement Management System I.S. EN ISO 10012:2013.

If your device is not listed here simply contact us on 057 866 2162 or email us at [email protected] and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.