Megger FRAX150

Megger FRAX150


The FRAX 150 Sweep Frequency Response Analyser (SFRA) by Megger is a groundbreaking device that identifies both electrical and mechanical problems which cannot be spotted through other methods. This analysis is easy to do and produces a unique “fingerprint” of the transformer. This is then compared to a reference “fingerprint” to directly see if there have been any changes to the transformer’s mechanical parts.

Aspects of the Megger FRAX 150

• Incorporates a built-in PC with an illuminated screen that’s readable even under direct sunlight.
• Offers the best dynamic range and accuracy in the market.
• Features sophisticated analysis and decision-making tools within its software.
• Meets all global standards for SFRA testing.
• Ensures excellent repeatability through dependable cable practices and high-quality instrumentation.
• Capable of importing data from other FRA testing devices.
• In its class, it is the most durable and compact FRA device.

Megger FRAX150 data sheet

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Megger FRAX150 Datasheet

For additional technical details about the Megger FRAX150 please refer to the product datasheet.