Seaward Distributor

Powerpoint Engineering is a Seaward approved calibration partner and the leading distributor of Seaward electrical testing devices in Ireland.

Seaward is a global company with offices in the UK and the USA. Seaward have over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of professional electrical testing equipment.

Seaward equipment is designed to be portable, easy-to-use and fit for purpose. They develop electrical, medical device and solar testers amongst many other types and designs of testing equipment.

Here at Powerpoint Engineering, we focus on supplying our clients with the best in electrical testing and diagnostics equipment.

We’re proud to be the leading suppliers of Electrical Test Instruments,  Energy Monitoring Equipment, Electrical Safety Equipment, Life Saving Equipment & Power Cable Accessories in Ireland.

To that end, we stock Seaward PAT testers and installation testers.

  • Seaward PAT Testers – Our supply of Seaward PAT kits range from simple pass/fail devices to more technically advanced units.
  • Seaward Installation Testers.- Installation testers can work on earth loop, line loop etc. We have installation testers from other supplier’s including Megger.

Seaward tools are portable and accurate devices and are ideal as part of any comprehensive electrical testing package.

With a wide variety of installation and PAT kits to choose from, check with our professional team about what is best suitable for your needs.

As part of our promise of great service to our customers we also offer PAT kit training. This ensures that you understand and can use the full capabilities of your PAT kits.

Ask instore about further training.

We choose Seaward for its reliability, ease of use and durability. If you do not see a product that suits your needs, please examine our other distributors and product range.

For complete range of Seaward products please refer to our dedicated PAT Testers website.