Transformer Testing

We supply a wide selection of transformer testing equipment from top manufacturers such as Seba and Megger (Programma). Our range includes cutting-edge tools for online monitoring, oil testing, transformer ohmmeters, turns ratio testers, tan delta testers, and frequency response analyzers. To explore our diverse offerings, please visit our website.

You can download the Megger Transformer Test Equipment Catalogue, listing their comprehensive product collection. This catalogue serves as a valuable resource for understanding the features and specifications of our equipment.

We are pleased to offer Insulating Oil Analysis services in collaboration with our trusted partner, TJ/H2B, exclusively to our customers in Ireland. Our oil analysis service assists in evaluating the condition and performance of transformer insulating oil. By analyzing crucial parameters such as moisture content, acidity, dielectric strength, and contamination levels, we help ensure the integrity and longevity of your transformers.

Powerpoint Engineering is committed to delivering high-quality transformer testing solutions and services to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us for further information or assistance with your transformer testing needs.