Arc Flash Accessories

We understand the importance of ensuring the safety of workers in environments where electrical arcs and flashes pose potential risks. We offer a comprehensive selection of arc flash accessories designed to provide the necessary protection. Our range includes essential items including arc flash boots, balaclavas, knee pads, and more. We source these accessories from leading manufacturers, such as ProGARM, renowned for their high-quality and reliable safety products. With our range of arc flash accessories, we aim to equip workers with the necessary gear to minimise the risk of serious injuries and promote a safe working environment.

We can offer a complete head to toe solution including gloves, boots and carrying systems. We also offer a complete range of products for arc flash protection including Arc Flash Switching Suits, Arc Flash Coveralls, Arc Flash Jackets & Trousers, Arc Flash Other Workwear, Arc Flash Gloves, Helmets & Visors and Arc Flash Balaclavas.

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