Cable Jointing & Tooling

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A Quick Guide to Cable Tooling

‍ Cable jointing is a process that involves joining two or more cables together, usually to make them stronger and more durable. This also comes in handy when cables are damaged, which can be inevitable when working with a lot of them. Cable jointing is also known as splicing or cable termination. Cable tools are the machines used to perform tasks associated with the manufacturing of electrical cables. These devices can trim the cable and expose the internal conductors while protecting the exterior from unnecessary damage.

Cable Jointing and Tooling: What is it?

Cable jointing is the process of connecting two or more electrical wires together to form one larger wire or cable.  Electrical wires are usually jointed using a special type of connector, such as a butt joint or a Solderless Terminals. Cables are usually jointed through a process called “splicing,” where two cables are joined together and then sealed with special splicing tape. This process is best done with the help of a cable tool, which are machines that are used to make, repair, and terminate cables.

Cable Crimping Tools

Crimping tools are used to join wires together without the need for a connector. There are many different types of crimping tools that are used for different types of wires. Some of the most common types of crimping tools include wire strippers and wire-forming tools. Wire Stripers - These devices are used to strip the jacket off of wires and are often a part of a larger crimping tool. They are usually designed to strip the correct gauge of wire. Wire-Forming Tools - These tools are used to form the wires together when making a connection. They usually come with a die, which is placed on the wire and then pushed together. When the die is pulled away, the wires are formed together.

Cable Preparation Tools

These tools are used to prepare wires before they are connected together with a crimping tool. They are designed to strip the correct amount of the outer coating off of the wires so that they can be easily connected together using a crimping tool. Some of the most common types include the following: - Stripping Tools - These tools are used to strip the wire jacket off of a wire. There are many different types of stripping tools, including manual stripping tools, automatic stripping tools, and rotary stripping tools. - Cutting Tools - These tools are used to cut wires to the correct length before they are connected with a crimping tool. There are many different types of cutting tools, including manual cutting tools, rotary cutting tools, and wire-cutting tools. - Splicing Tools - These tools are used to splice wires together, usually by twisting the wires together or wrapping a piece of wire around the wires that are being joined together. There are many different types of splicing tools, including manual splicing tools, automatic splicing tools, and rotary splicing tools.