Lockout Hasps

Lockout hasps are essential tools in ensuring workplace safety during maintenance or repair work. These devices are designed to securely lock out energy sources by allowing the attachment of multiple padlocks. By using a lockout hasp, multiple workers can effectively isolate and control the energy sources, preventing accidental or unauthorised operation. Lockout hasps come in various sizes and colors to accommodate different types of equipment and applications. They provide a visual indication that a lockout procedure is in place and help ensure that the energy source remains locked out until all workers have completed their tasks and removed their padlocks. With their robust construction and reliable functionality, lockout hasps play a crucial role in creating a safe working environment and preventing potential accidents or injuries.

Our range of lockout hasps is available in various colors and sizes to suit different requirements. View our full range of Lockout Hasps at www.lockoutsafety.com.

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