Thermography – Most Common Applications

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Thermography used to be expensive and difficult. In fact, is was mainly used by mega industrial facilities and the military. These days, thermal imaging is affordable, easy to use and used in every-day applications.

thermal imager works by producing thermal (heat) pictures of the equipment. This means you are able to ssee the benefits instantly. Typically, electrical contractors use thermal imagers for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting. When conducting predictive maintenance, the contractor takes thermal images of key units set intervals, and compares those images with each visit. Any new “hot spots” indicate problems that can now be investigated before they result in failure.

Thermal Imaging Benefits

  • No shutdowns needed. Thermal images are best taken while equipment is operational.
  • Minimal safety risk. Bar live voltage inspections, thermal images are typically taken at a safe distance.
  • Thermal images can access components not otherwise measurable.
  • Thermal measurements help detect imminent failures in nearly all types of equipment.

Most common Thermal Imaging Applications

Electrical power distribution systems: Three-phase systems, distribution panels, fuses, wiring and connections, substations, electrical vaults, etc.

Electro-mechanical equipment: Motors, pumps, fans, compressors, bearings, windings, gear boxes, and conveyors.

Process instrumentation: Process control equipment, pipes, valves, steam traps and tanks/vessels.

Facility maintenance: HVAC systems, buildings, roofs, insulation.

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