Inspecting Wind Turbines with Thermal Imaging

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Thermal imaging cameras play an important role in wind turbine predictive maintenance programs.All over the world, windmills are becoming more and more popular for generating electricity. New wind turbines are installed every day globally, but they also require monitoring and maintenance.

 Thermal Imaging & Predictive Maintenance of Wind Turbines

The thermal data gathered help to prevent dangerous accidents and costly downtime. All critical components of a wind turbine can be monitored using a thermal imaging camera from systems.

As with all other equipment, wind turbines are susceptible to wear and can break down. When turbines break down it results in expensive downtime, but more importantly, in dangerous accidents.

A common  breakdown with wind turbines is a failure in the brake mechanism or in the gearbox, which means that the turbine is allowed to revolve at many times its normal speed. This puts a inordanate load on the blades and could cause a blade to suddenly detach from the rotor. These break-away blades carry an enormous amount of kinetic energy and momentum, leading to life-threatening accidents.

By doing continuous thermal imaging inspections such accidents can be prevented. It is commonly agreed on that electrical and mechanical components become hot before they fails. By looking at a component through the lens of a thermal imaging camera,  this temperature spike (hot spot) can be spotted before failure occurs. Thermal imaging is the only technology that allows you to inspect all electrical and mechanical components of the wind turbine and of the surrounding electrical system.

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