Infrared Camera – Detecting Loose or Corroded Connections

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Can infrared cameras (also known as thermal imagers, thermal imaging cameras and IR cameras) help to detect loose or corroded connection in electrical systems?

Yes they can! And here’s how…

It’s a fact that all electrical connections will eventually fail one day. These failing connections will lead to faults, if they are not spotted and repaired. A loose or corroded connection increases resistance at the connection, which in turn results in an increase in heat. Because of this heat source, a thermal image is able to detect the developing fault before it fails.

Benefits of using Thermal Imaging to locate failing connections

Detecting and correcting failing connections before a fault occurs averts catastrophic fires and shutdowns. Predictive actions stop critical systems from failing, which in turn averts:

  • increases costs
  • the reallocation of workers and material
  • a reduction in productivity
  • threat to safety of employees, customers & clients

The Solution

Overheating (failing) connections should be disassembled, cleaned, repaired and reassembled. Always use the IR software to create a documented report of all your findings, along with the thermal image AND a digital image of the equipment.

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