Padlock Stations

Padlock Stations are durable storage stations that come in various sizes and shapes, holding your safety padlocks. Padlock Stations are supplied unfilled but can be supplied with contents upon request. Padlock Stations are wall mounted and depending on model can be covered or uncovered, lockable or not. See our full range of Padlock Stations on our dedicated website

Lockout Safety Padlock Cabinet

SKU: LS PC (21 locks), LS PC 100 (100 locks)
Wall mounted lockout safety Padlock Cabinet can store up to 21 locks (LS PC) or up to 100 locks (LS PC - 100). Constructed from heavy duty, powder coated steel. Also available with clear fascia. Read More...

Lockout Safety Padlock Rack

SKU: LS MPS 6 (6 locks), LS MPS 12 (12 locks), LS MPS 18 (18 locks)
Wall mounted, powder coated, heavy duty steel rack that comes in three variants: LS MPS 6 (6 locks), LS MPS 12 (12 locks) and LS MPS 18 (18 locks). Read More...

Heavy Duty Steel Padlock Rack

SKU: S1506 (8 locks), S1518 (22 locks)
Available in two sizes: S1506 (8 locks) and S1518 (22 locks) Heavy gauge steel with durable powder coat finish ensure long life in manufacturing facilities Includes labels in English, Spanish/English and French/English Wall mounted No. ... Read More...