VERTELIS HYPERVIEW Energy Management Software

VERTELIS HYPERVIEW Energy Management Software


HYPERVIEW software is for consolidating all the data collected by measuring and metering devices. Based on open-ended technologies, it can be easily integrated into the IT environment.

A simple and user friendly web interface enables access to various analysis and power consumption optimisation functions.

Monitor and analyse

  • Measurement and consumption history.
  • Alarms for overloads, events & input status changes.
  • Display and export of the data collected.
  • Distribution of consumption by area, usage, utility and period.
  • Identification of energy saving opportunities.
  • Comparison of consumption between different sites and periods.
  • Calculation and display of energy costs.

Follow up your results

  • Integration of external data (temperature, etc.).
  • Definition of energy consumption models.
  • Estimation of the results of your energy performance actions.
  • Identification of savings and losses comparing consumption over a reference period.


  • Display of customised full screen dashboards in key areas.
  • Subscribe to reports and receive them by regular email.
  • Presentation of the data in a concise manner to communicate and report about environmental performance.

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