Lockout Safety Valve and Electrical Lockout Kit - Small

Lockout Safety Valve and Electrical Lockout Kit (Small)

SKU: LS SK - 01

The Lockout Safety Valve and Electrical Lockout Kit – Small is a comprehensive, portable kit designed to facilitate safe lockout procedures for both electrical and valve maintenance tasks. This kit is packed with an array of essential tools tailored for locking out various types of valves and electrical devices.

Included in this versatile kit are:

  • Two Gate Valve Lockouts: one for diameters 25mm to 65mm, and another for 63.6mm to 127mm.
  • A Small Ball Valve Lockout.
  • Two types of vinyl coated hasps: one small and one premier.
  • A Scorpio Two-Way Hasp for versatile locking applications.
  • A selection of Insulated Non-Conductive Hasps with various hole configurations and shackle sizes, including 3-hole/3mm shackle, 3-hole/6mm shackle, and a 6-hole/6mm shackle.
  • A Combination Miniature Circuit Breaker/Fuse Lockout for comprehensive electrical isolation.
  • Additional lockout tools including a PIN style combo circuit breaker LOTO pack, a large round circuit breaker lockout, two mini universal circuit breaker lockouts, a plug lockout, and a multipurpose cable lockout with a 2-metre cable.
  • Two insulated non-conductive red padlocks, a squeezer multipurpose cable lockout, a set of long shackle padlocks, and a cylinder lockout.
  • Lockout tags, ties, a writing pen, and a procedure booklet to ensure that lockout activities are well-documented.
  • A screwdriver for installation or adjustments.
  • A durable carry bag for transporting and storing the kit components efficiently.

This kit’s features allow for effective lockout/tagout procedures, ensuring safety during equipment maintenance by preventing accidental re-energization. It is an invaluable asset for technicians requiring a reliable solution for a variety of lockout tasks in industrial settings.

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