Unipower Unilyzer 902

Unipower Unilyzer 902

SKU: U902

The Unipower Unilyzer 902 is a high performance tool for concurrent disturbance and compliance measurements per established norms. This rugged, IP65-rated instrument encompasses the necessary hardware and software for genuine three-phase analyses, measuring quality parameters like unbalance (IEC 61000-4-30), harmonics (IEC 61000-4-7), and flicker (IEC 61000-4-15).

Module PQ: Sophisticated power quality assessment and microsecond-precise disturbance capture
Module EN: Flicker, harmonics, and unbalance quantification per IEC standards
Unilyzer 902 D meter: 8-channel data logging compliant with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A, enabling autonomous operation. Determines volts, amps, hertz, true/reactive/apparent power, actual/reactive energy, power factor, etc. 4 MB high-compression storage (20 days of concurrent EN 50160 and disturbance logging).

The Unipower Unilyzer 902 provides simultaneous disturbance recording at 1 microsecond resolution. Enclosed in a sturdy IP65-rated case, it readily handles field evaluations in harsh settings.

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